About This Shop

Welcome to Ruby Dew Designs! I am Melonie, sole maker, creator and dreamer of this little shop. With the birth of my youngest I found a need for clothing to fit my fast growing, cloth diapered kiddo. That is when I discovered these amazing patterns that are “grow with me” styles. A valuable treasure I need to share.
Utilizing loose fit, amazing quality knit fabrics and foldable bands, GWM clothes can last 3x longer than one size clothing. The long term fit is so appealing to me for many practical reasons:

Less waste to the landfill. Because these clothes are made to last, they will remain with your child much longer than a tee that only fits for a couple months. Unlike one size clothing that is made cheaply and quickly, grow with me clothing keeps. Due to the quality materials and careful creation they should hold up long enough to be passed down to siblings, cousins or any other lucky little one.

Reduces fuel use. Less clothing needed means less trips to the store to buy. Supporting small shops shows you want your items to have smaller footprint but larger impact.

Support small business. Your dollars will have a direct impact on my family, not lining the pockets of stock holders who will never care about us. I also like to spend locally or with other small business so they have impacts on other families as well.

Save time and $$$! Less fuel, less time, less clothing purchased! While my price points are a bit higher, personally I think it is better to buy one $36 hoodie that will fit for 3 years than to buy 3 $10 hoodies that will fit half as long. And don’t forget domestic shipping is always included in my prices. No checkout surprises!

Use the time you save shopping for stopping. Stopping to play a game with your kids, stopping to enjoy a sunset, stopping to enjoy the moments that fly by!

In the near future I hope to add some other eco conscious items such as beeswax wraps (currently in testing!), market bags and naturally sourced garden markers. 

So bee sure to stop by and check out all my ready to ship items here: www.rubydewdesigns.com